Information about Trabzon Altindere Valley National Park

Information about Trabzon Altindere Valley National Park
It is located on the borders of Maçka district of Trabzon province. Altındere National Park has an area of 4,468 hectares. Altındere National Park is the first place that comes to mind in the list of places to visit in Trabzon. It also contains the Sumela Monastery with its magnificent view and architecture. Altındere National Park, one of the most important areas of Trabzon, was declared as a National Park in 1987.

Altındere National Park, which is a natural wonder, is a list of entrance fees and Where and How to Get to Altındere National Park? we share your questions and all related information with you in our content article. In addition to the Sumela Monastery, it has large and small temple settlements. The Altındere National Park area has an invaluable importance in terms of historical tourism.

By creating deep and high walls in the Altındere Valley, there are important water resources with the richness of life. Altındere Valley shows the characteristic of being a large stream by merging the streams located at its base with the Meryemana Stream. Activities such as trekking, camping, climbing and sport fishing are carried out in the national park area.

Altındere National Park has a 65KM forest path and a 2605KM long highland trail in the region for those who like to hike in nature. Flora of the National Park; beech, maple bodied, Anatolian Chestnut, bearded Alder, Black Sea Eastern Maple, Maple Leaf Sycamore, Maple Plain, The Hairy Bird, common hornbeam, eastern spruce, Aspen, FIR, eastern Black Sea, the common Hazel, Caucasian lime, black elderberry, currant, çoruh oak, walnut, eastern Beech, elm trees and mountain bird tree species such as is observed in uvez.

Altındere National Park is an area where people who are nature lovers can have a pleasant time while offering the opportunity to camp. You can also camp in the natural beauties offered by Altındere Valley National Park and you can make accommodation in the facilities in the region. The National Park has a very rich fauna, and some of these are; deer, weasels, Badgers, Hawks, sandpipers, Magpie, woodpecker, Jackal, wild boar, squirrel, rabbit, Lynx, brown bear, timidity, Quail, pygmy owl, Owls, Hawk, porcupine, Beaver, Blackbird, Crow, Wolf, and the lives of various creatures such as nature continues.

Where is Altındere Valley National Park and How to Get There?

Altındere Valley National Park is located in Maçka district of Trabzon province. It is possible to get to the national park by public transportation if you want. Those who are thinking of taking public transportation can get to the district by taking buses from Trabzon center to Maçka district. After that, you can use the minibuses from Maçka to Altındere Valley National Park to provide your National Park transportation.

Those who will go by personal vehicle should first come to Trabzon center, and from here they can follow the D885 / E97 and use the Maçka road to reach the Altındere Valley National Park.

If you came to Trabzon by air, you can benefit from the wide Fleet Car and Car Rental service of the Eco Car Rental company within the Trabzon Rent a Car companies located at Trabzon Airport and the city center. 

The distance between Altindere Valley National Park and Trabzon Airport is 44 KM and it takes 50 minutes Dec. Don't forget to make an early reservation from the Eco Car Rental company so that you can have a pleasant time exploring the Altindere Valley National Park here.

What are the Characteristics of Altındere Valley National Park Area?

Car park,
Event Area,
Administration and Visitor Center,
Administrative Service Building,
Bicycle Path,
Picnic Areas,
Local Product Sales Points,
Security Points,
Historical Building,
Social Facilities,
Excursion Route,
The Tea Garden,
Viewing Terrace,
Forest Paths,
The city of Trabzon is the pearl of the Eastern Black Sea and is on the first place in the list of places to visit for travel guides with the opportunities it offers to domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year.
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