Comfortable Travel Experience with Ankara Car Rental

Comfortable Travel Experience with Ankara Car Rental
Comfortable Travel Experience with Ankara Car Rental
Arslanhane Mosque is a historical mosque located in Altindag district of Ankara Province. 13. It was built at the beginning of the century, during the Seljuk period. Arslanhane Mosque, reflecting the architectural features of the period in which it was built, takes its place among the most important historical Deconstructions of Ankara. To reach this historical beauty of Ankara, you can choose the Ecocar Rental company, which provides car rental services in Ankara at Esenboğa Airport and Tunis Street.
The mosque, which was restored by Ahi Şerafettin in 1289-1290, is also known by the name of Ahi Şerafettin Mosque. There is an inscription on the wooden pulpit of the mosque, and according to the information in this inscription, it is understood that the mosque was built by the ahi brothers during the reign of the Seljuk ruler Keykavus. 
Arslanhane Mosque has a very simple structure. Although the ceiling part is made using wooden material, the mihrab of the mosque is covered with open tiles. All of these tiles were made with Seljuk craftsmanship. 
At the time of the construction of the Arslanhane Mosque, there are many lion statues around it, and therefore it has started to be referred to as Arslanhane among the people. Dec. One of the most remarkable features of the mosque is the stones used during the construction of the mosque. There are lion motifs on these stones, which are known to belong to Byzantine and Roman structures. 
What are the Eating and Drinking Places in Ankara ?
If you want to take a delicious short break on your trip to Ankara, you can make your experience with businesses such as Liva Pastry Shop, Bosphorus Restaurant, Legendary Professor Sadık Usta, Famous Tavacı Recep Usta, Historical Kitchen Restaurant, Masabaşı Kebab Shop, Famous Özçelik Aspava. You can easily reach these famous eating and drinking places of Ankara with the Ankara car rental company Ecocar. 
What are the Accommodation Opportunities in Ankara?
You can choose accommodation places in the region so that you can complete your trip to Ankara, the capital, where you can't get enough of sightseeing with its historical texture and nature, at the end of the day at comfortable, comfortable and advantageous prices. Businesses such as Verda Hotel, Hotel Ik Kale Ankara, Cadence Design Hotel, Hotel Cinnah, Hotel Mithat, Anemon Ankara Hotel, Rox Hotel Ankara, Princess Hotel, Peracity Hotel Altindag will offer you the best accommodation service. 
Where is the Arslanhane Mosque in Ankara and How to Get There? 
Among the Ankara Daily Car Rental and Ankara Rent A Car companies located at Ankara Esenboga Airport and on Ankara Tunis Street, Ecocar Ankara Car Rental company serves its valued customers with excitement on the first day together with its professional and experienced staff. Decar Ankara Car Rental company is located in Ankara Esenboga Airport and on Ankara Tunus Street.
It is 27 km away from Ankara Arslanhane Mosque and Ankara Esenboga Airport Dec. 
Ecocar Rent A Car company takes its place among the corporate companies such as Avis and Garenta located in Ankara Esenboğa Airport Dec. Ecocar Car Rental service, which prioritizes customer satisfaction in the Ankara Car and Fleet Rental sector, offers Ankara Car Rental, Rent A Car Ankara service with a wide fleet variety, friendly staff and advantageous price options.
For your trips to Ankara, you can choose the Ankara Car Rental services of Ecocar Car Rental company. From our offices located in Ankara Tunus Caddesi or Ankara Esenboğa Airport for affordable price options and vehicle types suitable for every class, you can get support from our internet address or from 24/7 customer service.
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