Discover the New 2021 Model Mercedes Benz CLA 200 Now!

Discover the New 2021 Model Mercedes Benz CLA 200 Now!
Mercedes Benz was founded as an automotive and engine brand in Stuttgart, Germany as a result of the merger of Karl Benz, Benz&Cie, Gottlieb Daimler and Daimler Motoren Gesellschafts companies in 1926. Daimler, who named the racing car after his eldest daughter Mercedes, managed to take first place by participating in the race in Nice. 

Eco Car Rental company, which provides services in many cities in Turkey, provides quality and comfortable services in Trabzon Car Rental and Trabzon Rent a Car sector. Discover the New 2021 Model CLA 200 Mercedes Benz, which is added to the Luxury vehicle category in the wide vehicle fleet, Now!

He wrote a letter to his wife by putting a star emblem on the top of his house with a view of Cologne and Deutz. He said that one day this star will shine in his factory, representing success and power. It shows the universality of motor vehicles on land, water and air with the 'Star'.

The Mercedes Benz CLA 200 2021 model shows that it has never followed fashion by always competing with itself in the CLA design.

What are the Features of the 2021 Model Mercedes Benz CLA 200 Vehicle?
Extended track width,
Lowered front with diamond-look radiator grille,
Frameless doors,
Muscular forms,
Two-piece backlighting,
Modern interior with Wrop - Around design,
All-digital widescreen front console,
Burmester Surround sound system,
Heated steering wheel,
Ventilated front seats,
Energizing package,
Driving assistance and safety,
Parking the vehicle,
Light and vision,

It is designed by combining innovative intelligence and special equipment to offer a high comfort experience. The Mercedes CLA 200 can make your journey pass according to your wishes with its comfortable and long performance while you are behind the wheel.

ENERGIZING Comfort Programs

Exercises(exercise videos for November relaxation of the muscular system),
3-Minute audio information tips for promoting staying healthy and fit(head, shoulders, upper torso, lower back and waist), for,

Heated front seats,
Deodorization of air for ionization and purification, 
AIR - BALANCE package,
Ambient lighting with program-specific modes,
Burmester® Surround Sound System

Together with the legendary EQC offered as standard, you should experience more performance and exclusivity of the Burmester sound. The speakers produce high-performance premium volumetric sound. There are speakers that can be optimized for the front and rear seats. High-performance 13 speakers, dynamic and balanced excellent music performance adapted to the interior of the car.

For high sound quality, there is a 9-channel DSP amplifier with a total power of 590W.
With its skeletal structure, it has integrated speakers for impressive bass reproduction. 
Sound optimization front and rear seats,
Audio compensation(VNC),
Pre-volume adjustment, Surround function for the creation of virtual surround sound,
Surround sound for multi-channel format support,

CLA speaks only one language. MBUX, thanks to the Mercedes Benz CLA 200 user experience, it will be enough for you to say hey Mercedes. Thanks to the artificial intelligence it has, Mercedes not only listens to you, but can learn from you and give you advice. He can keep your experiences in mind.

Outstanding Comfort Features

MBUX venue assistant,
Voice usage system LINGUATRONIC,
Intuitive driving experience,
Smartphone integration,
Wireless charging and connectivity,
One of the most important features of the CLA is that it connects everything smoothly and automatically from the moment you start your vehicle.


CLA 200, carefully monitoring the environment, the destination you want to go to is also your safety.

Driving assistance package,
Active brake assistant with intersection function,
PRE-SAFE system,
technical specifications

Urban fuel consumption : 66-6.6 l/100KM,
Fuel consumption outside the city : 5,0-4 l/100KM,
Combined fuel consumption : 5.7-5.3 l/100KM,
Combined CO₂ emissions : 129-122 g/KM,
With its design concept, it clearly expresses the performance both outside and inside. The CLA body design has special front and rear bumpers. The lowered sports suspension is enhanced by technology with comfortable driving pleasure and a speed-sensitive steering system.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting creates spectacular color concepts with its 64 different colors, illuminated ventilation outlets, doors and front panel.

Fully Digital Visual Panel

You will experience all the different options of digital display possibilities. You can configure the high-resolution and large-format 10.25" screen as you like. You can project travel and driving assistance information such as the speed indicator on the right side and the tachograph on the left side to the screen area from the ground up.

Multibeam Led

It has an adaptive high beam assist for the perfect appearance. Multibeam led headlight technology can be controlled separately. The cornering light and the turning light illuminate the surroundings ideally with the field of view. Thus, it helps to perceive dangers faster.


Digitalization is the most modern and intuitive type of CLA control, making many things possible. The CLA MBUX indoor assistant allows you to control the MBUX function completely contactless and intuitively with your hand movement. The camera in the ceiling control unit detects the touch screen arm movements of the driver and the front passenger. 

It adapts the image on the media screen according to the configuration. Personal favorite functions can be added, which can be selected with the help of CLA, V-shaped opening index finger and middle finger (V gesture).

All smartphones are in love with CLA, they can be automatically connected to the car via NFC, USB or WLAN. The driver can control the application and function located on the central media screen via the touch control keys located on the steering wheel. It is magically possible with a single hand movement.

In the CLA 200, you don't just put your smartphone aside. You can be charged automatically on the center console. Completely wireless and the best in Qi standard, thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC), your phone connects immediately with CLA without the need to enter a large number of connections or codes.

Drive the CLA 200 Mercedes Benz Quality with Eco Car Rental!
Drive the CLA 200 Mercedes Benz Quality, which impresses with its exciting design, peaceful safety and driving style, with Eco Car Rental!

With its emotional and sporty appearance, it offers comfortable and high-quality driving pleasure to its users in the compact sports car segment.

Mercedes Benz CLA 200 has taken its place in the renewed Fleet and Car Rental of Eco Car Rental company, which is one of the Trabzon Car Rental companies. 

Experience that quality is never a coincidence by making an early reservation to meet the CLA 200 for you.
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