Formation and Characteristics of Karaca Cave, Gümüşhane

Formation and Characteristics of Karaca Cave, Gümüşhane
Karaca Cave is located in the Cebeli Village of the Torul district of Gümüşhane. It is very rich in terms of dripstone formations in the cave. You can see many natural formations such as stalactites, columns, stalagmites, cave flowers, organ-patterned walls, travertine pool steps, cave pearls and cave roses dripstone.

Cave roses were formed on stalagmites emerging from dripstone, pool and pool edges. The pools have reached large sizes and the depth of the pools, especially in the last sections, is 1 M. The travertines found inside the cave have various colors ranging from white to dark blue. It is known that there are substances such as iron, magnesium and minerals in the waters that make up these traverters.

The air of the Karaca Cave is good for asthma and many respiratory diseases. Karaca Cave is located at an altitude of 1550M above sea level and 17KM from the city center.

The cave was formed as a result of the merger of four separate halls with its shape developed in a horizontal direction and resembling an ellipse. Two of these halls were cracked and the wall drips formed by the leaking waters were divided into two and the number of halls became six. While the entrance of the cave is at the height of a human height, it takes the shape of a funnel as you go inside.

Karaca Cave was discovered by the Geological Engineer Şükrü Eroz in 1983. it was opened to tourism in 1996.

Where is Karaca Cave and How to Get There?

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17KM between Gümüşhane Deckhouse and Karaca Cave,
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16KM between Torul and Karaca Deckhouse,

What are the Features of Karaca Cave?

Its height above sea level is 1550 meters.
The cave has an area of 1500 square meters.
There is no stream in the cave. Drips were formed by the water leaking from the ceiling.
There are travertine pools in the interior of the cave.
The humidity between the halls of the cave differs Decently.
The inside of the cave is hot in winter and cool in summer.
It has benefits for health tourism.
The length of the cave from the entrance to the last point is 150 meters.
The height of the cave ceiling is 18 meters.
The total internal area of the cave is 1500 m2.

Where are the Places to Visit Around Torul and Karaca Cave?

Zigana Plateau,
Limni Lakes,
Ardesa Bridge,
Zigana Ski Resort,
Artabel Lakes Natural Park,
Karaca Cave will also fascinate you when you enter it with its natural structure. You will want to take pictures of such a structure. You will have a nice experience. You can ensure that your sightseeing trip will be comfortable by taking a car rental service with Eco Car Rental company.
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