Historical Coppersmiths Bazaar - Historical Culture

Historical Coppersmiths Bazaar - Historical Culture
Being the most important commercial and cultural city of the Eastern Black Sea Region, copper obtained from the rich copper deposits in the region is processed in Trabzon workshops. Traditionally, copper continues to make various items with bronze and brass kitchen utensils since the Middle Ages.

II. As shown in the goods and values chart during the Bayezid period, it constitutes the largest industrial branch of Trabzon. Copper, bronze and brass vessels produced with great skill in the workshops were used in the Northwestern, Eastern Anatolia and Black Sea regions, which were valuable enough to be used in the Ottoman palace.

The fact that Trabzon is the most important port city facilitates the export of copper products in the Black Sea Region to cities by sea. A large number of gunpowder and saltpeter boilers were also sent to the cities in Anatolia.

The art of coppersmithing continues vividly in Trabzon workshops until today.

Traditional handicrafts unique to the region are as follows ;

January boilers with top handle,
Milk bowls,
Dough basins,
Anchovy pans with lids,
Covered pitches,
Welcome stones,
You can see the historical beauty of copper in many of the Trabzon workshops above. The crafts are quite good.

The Coppersmiths Bazaar, which has preserved its place among the historical places of Trabzon, has left its place Decisively to steel today. It still attracts the attention of its visitors with its souvenirs and historical texture. Although the demand for this place has decreased, it is among the kitchen utensils that Istanbul, Adapazarı and Bolu regions are looking for the most as copper and pots are smuggled.

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What Are the Main Historical Sites Located Around It?


It was built by Iskenderpaşa, the Governor of Trabzon, between Dec. 1531-1533. It has an Ottoman-Era courtyard. It has survived to the present day with repairs made at various times. The walls are made of smooth hewn stone, the vault cover and portico arches are brick. While the roof was previously covered with tiles, it was changed to concrete mosaic after the repair in 1980.

Waqf Khan(Gon Khan, Attar Khan)

According to the inscription on the fountain of the mosque in the southeastern part of the Hijri 1196, Gregorian year 1781, it was built by a charitable person named Haji Yahya. It is located in the northwest of the Bedesten. It has a three-storey courtyard.

The main entrance is on the east side of the ground floor. The entrance to the first floor is on the south side and there are four shops, a fountain and the entrance door of the mosque on this floor. The rooms around the courtyard are of different sizes. There is an eyvan in the north and the middle part. It has courtyard rooms with mosque and portico on the second floor.

Alaca Han

Together with the Pied Bath near it, XVIII. It is known that the century was made. It is a three-storey inn, built in a rectangular plan with stone workmanship. The main entrance door is in the middle of the western facade. Its cover is alaturka tile. 1. and 2. there are rooms on the floor, warehouses on the ground floor.

Pasha Bath

It is a double bath located to the south of the Bazaar Mosque, which is mentioned Decently among the foundations of Iskenderpaşa. it was built between 1521 and 1533, in the western part there are men's Deckchairs. This part consists of dressing, coldness and rectangular shape, warmth. The women's part consists of undress, coldness and warmth consisting of two cells.

Eight-Pillar Bathhouse

The bathhouse, which was repaired by the Trabzon Municipality and is located in the Pazarkapi neighborhood, consists of a square temperature section. The cold is entered from the southern corner of the dressing room. The wall heights are 2.5 meters and there are four walls. There is an octagonal planned belly stone, round arches and connecting columns.


Bedesten, which has an interesting appearance among the touristic places of Trabzon with its architectural structure, is 400 meters from the city center Dec. The word meaning ’Sunday" comes to our language from Frasic. XIII. an example of the bedsteads that have started to be built since the century is also located in Trabzon.

There are 48 rooms in it, made with square-plan cut stones. Clothes, fabrics and jewelry are bought and sold in the bazaar. This place is a frequented point for those who want to go on a cultural journey and is among the places worth seeing with its historical texture. Dec.

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