The Beauties of Ordu City

The Beauties of Ordu City
Ordu, known as a neighbor of Giresun, Samsun, Tokat, Sivas and Trabzon in the Eastern Black Sea Region, is a distinguished city with a population of about 800 thousand. It is a city where there are azure wavy waters in an area of 150 km on the Black Sea coastline. It provides its visitors to find peace with its green nature and parallel view to the mountains.

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The Value of Ordu For Tourism

The Army, which is known to have a lot of potential, increases the number of visitors every year. Thanks to its unique natural appearance, it has made cities such as Artvin, Rize and Trabzon, where highland tourism stands out, a holiday option for tourists. Boztepe, which provides a bird's eye view of the city with its landscape, is known as the most remarkable point.

Italy is one of the visitors who are especially amazed by the appearance here. They compare it to their own country. You will see that Eco Car Rental company is preferred in the Rent a Car Trabzon area. They are known for being cultured and high quality to their friendly and tolerant visitors.

What to Eat in the Army?

Ordu Pita, which is one of the most unique foods, has an indescribable taste. We definitely recommend that you try it. Another great taste that he is trying to announce to the world is Army toast. Those who have tried this flavor may want to try again. Another taste that is also known worldwide and has received an offer to buy its recipe is Denizciler Ice Cream Maker. The reason why the recipe is not given is that the city wants to increase the visit and the large masses want to taste this taste on the spot. 

How is Transportation Provided to the Army?

Arrivals and departures to the city today, facilitation works continue unabated. It is quite easy to reach the city center by following the Black Sea coastal road by road.  Ordu - Giresun Airport has been opened and air transportation has been provided today. Transportation to the city by air and road is provided comfortably.

Daily air transportation is provided from major cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, Balıkesir, Antalya and Adana. Car Rental We recommend that you take advantage of Eco Car Rental transfer services at Ordu - Giresun Airport in the Trabzon area. Ordu, our city by the sea, is known by many people as a coastal city. You will see those who say that it is the shining star of the Black Sea with its coast. 

Where Can I Stay in the Army?

It is one of the few cities in Turkey with its thermal springs and natural beauties. It caters to every budget with various suitable accommodation options. We can say that there are hostel and star hotel options in the city center. during the car rental service that you will receive from the company, the staff will help by answering your questions. 

What Can be Done in Ordu City Center?

You will see that the city, which has never run away from serving its visitors, has sparkling places spread along the coast. The city, which has the title of metropolitan, continues to progress with the new arrangements it has made in every field.

It has enabled them to leave many works by hosting different civilizations in their history. It is possible to see various historical places. We recommend that history lovers who want to experience the azure blue water of the Black Sea and its unusual delicious cuisine include the natural wonder city in their travel planning.

Where are the Army's Places to Visit?

In order for you to feel comfortable in the region, we recommend that you take a look at the following places to visit.

Ordu city, which will eliminate your stress and fatigue, will definitely be the right choice with its clean nature and sightseeing places. Jul.

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