Hamamönü is located in the Altindag district of Ankara. It is located in the area where the oldest settlements of Ankara are located.

Hamamönü takes its name from the double bath (Karacabey Bath) built by Celalettin Karacabey in 1440.

A large part of it is 19. Hamamönü, which houses 250 structures built in the century, was brought back to Ankara by the Altindag Municipality in 2006.

Hamamönü, which has sections such as mosque, bathhouse, corral, hay warehouse, has served as a shelter for people in need of help for many years.

19 of Hamamönü. its population has increased in the century and this region has 19. buildings exhibiting the example of civil architecture of the XVII century have been built.

Over time, with the development of the city towards other regions, most of the people living here have moved from the region. in 2006, the Hamamönü was restored with the restoration works carried out in accordance with the original.

Historical Ankara Hamamönü Houses
Ankara Hamamonu Houses; 17-18. it attracts attention with its features of being built with a simple and simple plan in the century. The historical Hamamönü houses attract the attention of their visitors with their aesthetic structures. The historical Hamamönü houses provide ideas for the architectural and urban identity of the Ottoman period.

The courtyards in the Hamamönü houses are generally built with stone and earth covered. When entering from the outside, the entrance to the courtyard of the houses is made first. Other parts of the houses are passed through these courtyards. The summer rooms of the houses are located on the upper floor, which is called the sofa. The parts of the houses facing the street and protruding are called selamlik. The wooden skeletons of the historical Hamamönü houses were built with traditional methods. The courtyard of the houses is covered with earth or stone. There are services on the lower floors, and living and bedrooms on the upper floors. There are summer and winter sections of the houses.

Places to See in Hamamönü
Hamamönü, Ankara with its special architecture, historic houses, art street, Clock Tower, House of Tacettin Sultan Camii Mehmet Akif Ersoy wrote our national anthem in 1921, 1440 our presence in Karacabey that preserves intact Historic Bath, Kamilpasa Mansion Mansion Beynamlizade, Random House, Haji Ilyas Mosque, Haji Musa mosque, mosque, Mehmet Çelebi mosque is home to many historical buildings such as sarikadi.

Besides these historical places; buildings such as Atatürk Equestrian Statue, Rahmi Koç Museum, Gökyay Foundation Chess Museum, Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Erimtan Akeology and Art Museum, Rice Inn and the tomb of Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, who lost his life in a helicopter crash in 2009, are other areas that can be visited in the Hamamönü region. If you want to visit all these places of Ankara and continue your trip at comfortable and advantageous prices, you can choose Eco Car Rental company from among the car Rental Ankara companies.

Dining and Drinking Places in Hamamönü
On the historical streets of Hamamonu; You can take a pleasant and delicious break from your sightseeing with establishments such as Kanavice Chocolate, Faralya Cafe, Mutlucak Table, Konakli Garden, Yeşilçam Turquoise Garden, Bacchus Garden, Hacettepe Simit Mansion, Osman Bey Mansion, Kerasus Local Delicacies.

Accommodation Places in Hamamönü
You can choose the accommodation places in the region so that you can complete your Hamamönü trip, which you can't get enough of visiting with its historical texture and nature, at the end of the day at comfortable, comfortable and advantageous prices. Enterprises such as Grand Sera Hotel, Anka Residence, Hotel Mithat, Guleryuz Hotel, Ankara Antik Hotel, Gur Kent Hotel, Tunali Hotel and Hotel 2000 will offer you the best accommodation service.

How is Transportation to Hamamönü Provided with Ankara Daily Car Rental Options?

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