What are the Vehicle Rules That Must be Followed in Traffic?

What are the Vehicle Rules That Must be Followed in Traffic?
Traffic ;

All the states and movements of vehicles, pedestrians and animals on the highway are called traffic. There are many vehicles in the traffic. Some of them are as follows ;

There are important rules that we must follow in traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to know well what we need to do in traffic. By taking security measures, we can reach where we want to go in a healthy way. Especially when traveling in transportation vehicles, we must follow the rules and if we comply, we will be protected from accidents in a safe way.

children under 10 years of age should definitely sit in a child seat.
Children should always take a back seat.
We must wear the seat belt when we get into the car.
We should not stick our head or arm out of the car window.
We should not keep the driver busy while the vehicle is moving.
If we follow these rules, traffic rules are always life-saving.

What Are the Things to Pay Attention To in Traffic?

Traffic rules are of great importance in terms of ensuring the correct flow of traffic and safety. It is possible to avoid negativity.

Traffic Rules ;

Do not talk on the phone while driving.
The wearing of a seat belt is mandatory.
Speed limits must be observed.
Care should be taken not to make incorrect overtaking.
Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.
Pedestrians should be given way at right turns.
The horn should not be honked unnecessarily.
A safe following distance should be placed between you and other vehicles. Dec.
One-way places should not be entered.
At pedestrian crossings and in general, the road is the priority of the pedestrian.
Driving without a license is prohibited.
All operations of vehicles entering the traffic must have been performed.
Vehicles cannot pass through a red light.
Traffic signs must be followed.
When traffic rules are not followed, there are different pay rates according to each penalty. After a certain place, there is a case of confiscation of the driver's license.

What Are the Rules That Pedestrians Must Follow?

The most important part of the traffic is the vehicles on the road, as well as pedestrian and animal traffic. Regulations and criminal proceedings related to this are being implemented. The rules that must be followed by pedestrians are as follows ;

Always use the pedestrian sidewalk on streets and streets. To use pedestrian crossings to the opposite sidewalk.
When going down the road and crossing the street, first look to the left, then to the right again to the left and pass like that.
Walking on the left side of the road in places where there is no pedestrian sidewalk.
To obey the signs of traffic officers.
To pay attention to traffic signs where there is no traffic guard.
Not to cross the road when the traffic light is red for pedestrians.
Passing quickly, not moving heavily on the road while crossing the street.
Passing in front of and behind stationary vehicles.
When using public transport, waiting for the vehicle to come to a complete stop when getting off.
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