Things to Consider When Booking Ankara Rent A Car

Things to Consider When Booking Ankara Rent A Car
It is observed that traffic accidents have increased significantly as a result of drivers going to the holiday regions by car in the summer months and not following the traffic rules. According to research in Turkey, it is observed that the average loss of life in daily traffic accidents is 15 - 20 people. 
With the summer season starting at the end of May, traffic accidents are starting to increase. August July, these losses are seen to have doubled and continued until the end of August. In Turkey, the density of vehicles in the summer season increases by about four times and is among the causes that trigger a traffic accident. Dec.
The factors that cause accidents to be investigated are as follows;
Causes of Traffic Accidents Caused by the Driver
Getting out into traffic without practicing,
Not taking precautions against road and weather conditions,
Careless driving in traffic,
Driving under the influence of alcohol,
Excessive speed while driving,
Not following traffic rules,
Not giving the pedestrian the right of passage,
Not following the return rules,
Getting hit from behind,
Vehicles cannot enter places with traffic signs,
Crashing into parked vehicles in accordance with the rules,
Passing through places where there is a ban on passing,
Failure to comply with passenger loading and boarding rules,
To increase the safety risk of the road by excessive speed and to cause an accident,
Driving in a careless and sleepless way,
Not using a seat belt,
Ignoring signs in traffic,
Not maintaining the tracking distance, not paying attention to the white markings on the road,
Hot Air Causes a Traffic Accident
Hot weather, which causes drivers to sleep together with the summer months, causes distraction, prolongation of reaction time and slowing down of reflexes. Especially hot weather affects the vehicle engine and tires. 
In hot weather, tires suddenly split and burst, vehicle tire pressure and load weight should be taken into account. Asphalt that melts at extreme temperatures becomes slippery and causes an accident. 

What Should Be Considered in Traffic During Hot Weather?
In hot weather, drivers should rest and sleep before setting off,
Should not eat heavy food and fatty food before going on the road,
The clothes worn should be comfortable and light, 
Reflex-reducing and sedative drugs should not be taken,
He should keep the tracking distance with the vehicle in front for a long time,
Maneuvering and changing lanes, should not make sudden stopping movements,
Drivers should reduce their speed and avoid sudden maneuvers on the asphalt road surface, which becomes slippery in extreme temperatures,
Should Not Talk on the Phone While Driving
Especially drivers talking with a mobile phone at the wheel poses a big risk. Drivers make a lot of mistakes when talking on the phone. Therefore, it is too late to fail to see the dangers, to realize them and to take precautions.
Mobile phone use causes a person to physically engage by ignoring a dangerous situation. Mental activities and related distraction increase the risk of accidents by causing impaired concentration.
Precipitation That Reduces Visibility Makes the Road Surface Slippery
Dust particles found on the road surface make the road slippery like ice when it rains. After this dust layer gets wet, it turns into mud and gets between the tire Decals. Therefore, it reduces the friction force of the wheel between the road and Deceleration. 
The thickness of the water layer accumulated as a result of Decaying rain causes water to slip between the wheel and the road. During this shift, the braking distance increases and the steering control decreases. Rainy weather reduces the visibility distance of drivers and poses risks.
What are the Precautions That Should be Taken While Driving the Vehicle?
While the visibility distance decreases in rainy weather, wipers become important in terms of driving safety. For this reason, it is important that the wipers are new and in working condition. Vehicle headlights must be intact and usable. The tread depth of excessively worn tires decreases and increases the braking distance. It is important to carry out brake system maintenance and control. 
What are the Causes of Traffic Accidents Caused by Passengers?
Not giving the driver the first right of passage,
Not following traffic rules,
Passing through a red light,
Getting out of the way of a standing vehicle or from behind,
Not using the pedestrian crossing,
Failure to comply with passenger bridges on transit roads,
Using a manual vehicle incorrectly on the road,
Taking to the road suddenly,
Not giving vehicles the first right of passage,
Walking in the driveway,
Getting out from behind or in front of a standing vehicle,
Passing through a red light,
Pedestrian entering the highway,
Not taking image enhancing measures,
Hanging on to a moving vehicle,
Sending animals on the road incorrectly,
What are the Road Defects That Cause Traffic Accidents?
Loose material on the road surface,
Individual pothole on the road,
Don't sit on the wheel track,
Partial or individual collapse,
Low banquet,
Bridge collapse,
Lane collapse due to landslide,
Preferred Car Rental Company Information in the Summer Season?
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