Kov Castle is one of the important castles located in Esenyurt Village of Gümüşhane province and close to the settlement center. You can explore this historical heritage located in Gümüşhane comfortably with Eco Car Rental, the Trabzon Rent A Car service at Trabzon Airport.

Kov Castle was founded in 1361 by 3. It was built by Alexios and was used during the Seljuk period. Kov Castle is one of the most functional centers of the Eastern Black Sea, which is known to have the most trade routes in ancient times. The castle was built in a rectangular plan.

In the highest part of the castle, the altitude is recorded as 1760 meters. The castle is built on a rock at an altitude of 130 meters. Transportation to the castle is provided via stairs. In addition, there is an inner castle with an uneven square plan inside the castle.

It is believed that Kov Castle has an ancient city and it is known that there are also places such as a cistern and a kitchen in it. Kov Castle and its surroundings have been declared as an archaeological site.

in 2008, the restoration and surface surveys of the castle were carried out with the joint work of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Governor's Office of Gümüşhane. During the surface surveys carried out by Atatürk University, ceramic remains belonging to the medieval and recent periods were found in and around the castle.

Eating and Drinking Places in Gümüşhane

If you want to take a short break on your trip to Gumushane and taste these famous delicacies, you can make your experience with such establishments as Atac Mansion, Ozdenoglu Mansion Cafe & Restaurant, Balyemez Mansion, Cemil Ustam, Honeysuckle Meat and Food Restaurant, Tulip Restaurant, King Pestil, Kome.

What are the Accommodation Places in Gümüşhane?

If you want to enjoy the endless beauty of Gümüşhane with its history and nature, then you can take advantage of it in the most comfortable and stylish place, Ramada By Wyndham, Grand Ayazoğlu Hotel, Harşit Hotel, Çimenler Hotel, Fidan Park Hotel, Grand Teras Hotel, Grand Janissary Hotel establishments will offer you the best service on your Izmir trip.

How to Get to Kov Castle with Trabzon Daily Car Rental?

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