Exploring Trabzon, the Pearl of the Black Sea!

Exploring Trabzon, the Pearl of the Black Sea!
With its magnificent nature, deep-rooted history, unique culture and insatiable tastes, Trabzon is one of the most beloved cities of the Eastern Black Sea! It is waiting for all its visitors who are curious about its lush green plateaus that provide immaculate air, tastes that you cannot eat anywhere else that will stay on your palate, and unique landscapes. To explore Trabzon to the fullest, the first thing you should do for a comfortable trip while exploring will be to visit the Trabzon Car Rental company, which thinks about the comfort and comfort of its customers.

The World of Taste of Trabzon

We are sure that you will set out to memorize the local flavors of Trabzon by visiting the Trabzon Rent a Car company, which comes to mind first to explore the unique, taste-filled world of Trabzon. Of course, it is impossible to go without discovering many tastes from Trabzon's anchovies to its special breads cooked on a wood fire, from meatballs to pastry delicacies, to the well made from butter and corn flour belonging to the region.

When it comes to Breakfast in Trabzon!
When breakfast is mentioned in Trabzon, many local delicacies that you will want to try are waiting for you to discover. With the fresh air that surrounds you, your eyes are beautiful shades of green in the region, together with the sine qua non of the breakfast that belong to kuymag, butter, honey, and cream types made at the breakfast table in Trabzon with engaging and unique nature of the unique landscape from where you left off to continue your route on a tour car rental service with the challenges of eco cave Cal is not a dream anymore!

Where to Eat in Trabzon?

You can think about where to eat the exquisite dishes of Trabzon, which has the most original cuisine of the Black Sea. Since you have many different alternatives such as kale sarması, anchovy tava, seaside meatballs, fish, anchovy pilaf, tomara tava and its own pita that you cannot eat anywhere other than Trabzon, you should decide which flavor to start with first. Apart from the unique tastes of Trabzon's own cuisine, you will come across restaurants that will meet your expectations both in the center and in the districts with the tastes of different cuisines.

Places to Visit in Trabzon

Trabzon with a history of 4000 years, living in the Roman and Byzantine periods, conquered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Yavuz Sultan Selim made the governor of Suleyman the birthplace of the founder of our republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited the city three times.

Decaying between the Black Sea and the Zigana Mountains, this beautiful city smells of history, preserving its culture with its historical monasteries, mansions, mosques and museums.
The king of the Komnenos State I, who was at the first center to visit the monuments left over from the history of Trabzon and the places of natural wonders. Manuel built-in time is estimated to be around for the year 1427, a bell tower and interior architecture from Seljuk stone carving quite rich in describing the creation of Adam and Eve, much to the relief of Hagia Sophia with ornaments; converted into a mosque after the conquest of Trabzon in 1461 by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror was seen as the foundation work. And in 1964, it welcomes its visitors as the Hagia Sophia Museum.

The tea garden located in Boztepe is among the places that will steal your heart to watch the whole view of the city of Trabzon from afar by drinking your Decanted tea in your hand. Let it be among the places you can't go without visiting without seeing, by Konstantin Kabayanidis, Dec. 19. there is the Atatürk Mansion, which was built as a summer residence in Soğuksu, Trabzon at the beginning of the century, and which has European and Western Renaissance architectural influences, where Atatürk was hosted during his visits to Trabzon.  Are you ready to explore the beauties of nature after visiting the historical places such as girls monastery, Trabzon castle, Trabzon city museum, Zagnos valley located in the center of Trabzon?

When the natural beauty of Trabzon is mentioned, Uzungöl and Karester Plateau, which are located at an altitude of 2,300 meters, which welcomes domestic and foreign tourists every period of the year, come to mind. You will witness the famous bird's eye view of Uzungöl while going to the Kaester Plateau. When you arrive at the plateau, a foggy weather and a fairy-tale cloud sea will welcome you and nature will share its most special with you. Sumela Monastery, which amazes people with a magnificent view on a steep cliff and architecture worth seeing; It is located at an altitude of 1300 m from the sea in the Altindere Valley of the Maçka district of Trabzon. The monastery, which is also called by the name of the Virgin Mary among the people, was founded in the 4th century BC. Dec. it was built in the XIII century.

While exploring the history and nature of Trabzon that sheds light on its past, you can explore your travel plan with the reliable Trabzon Rent a Car for a comfortable and trouble-free trip, taking into account that the highland roads may be closed and the steep slopes.

Reliable Car Rental Rent A Car Company in Trabzon

Eco Car Rental Trabzon office will allow you to explore the beauties of the city with pleasure with the most comfortable and newest models suitable for your request. You can make your reservation for Trabzon Car Rental by phone or from our website.
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