The Hidden Paradise Çal Cave in Trabzon

The Hidden Paradise Çal Cave in Trabzon
Çal Cave is located in Düzköy district of Trabzon, one of the provinces that protects the naturalness of the Black Sea. We have examined the second longest cave in the world, which is described as a natural paradise in ÇAL village of Düzköy district, for you.

The Curious History of the Çal Cave

It is known that the Çal Cave was formed during an estimated 8 million-year period. The formation of the cave took place in two stages. The first stage of the fault-induced cracks in the limestone dissolved the limestone with the water leaking from the surface, causing the fault-induced fractures to expand and form an underground water channel.

In the second stage, as a result of regional elevation, the water flow that enabled the development of the cave decreased, and accordingly, the cave development stopped.  Stalactites and stalagmites have been formed in parts in the water channels leaking from the sinkholes in the cave.

It is known that the Çal Cave, which was opened to the public in 2003 after some arrangements were made by the special provincial administration in 2000, has a height of 1116 meters according to some data and 1050 meters according to some data. The lake and stream of the Çal Cave, on which the castle is located, vary according to the seasonal conditions to a depth of 50 centimeters or 1.5 meters in winter, while in summer it decreases to 25 centimeters.

While dry air welcomes you at the cave entrance, the humidity level of the cave increases due to the current of the outer atmosphere with dolines as you move towards the inner parts. The cave has been facilitated to be visited by a wooden walk and it is divided into branches of 400 meters and 150 meters after the entrance part is walked straight for 200 meters.

while walking in the 400-meter area, 60. A small lake and a cascade will meet you at the mistress. in the room located at the end of another 150-meter walking area, the water flowing from the oval-shaped doline known as the ‘melting pit’ will meet. While visiting the 8 km accessible area of the cave, you will have a tour of the Cal Cave accompanied by stalactites and stalagmites, the heights of which change from time to time, and the water flow that you will feel when you touch is still ongoing.

How to Get to the Cal Cave and the Entrance Fee?

You set out with the car you rented from the Trabzon car rental company for a tour of the Çal Cave with natural beauty located in the Düzköy district of Trabzon and thought about how to get there! Çal Cave; We can say that it is about 45 kilometers away from Trabzon city center.

With the vehicle you bought from the Trabzon Car Rental company, drive along the coastal road of the Black Sea and return from the Akçaabat - Söğütlü bridge. After entering the Düzköy road and moving straight up, this road will take you to the Çal Cave. The entrance fee to the cave is 8 TL for an adult and 4 TL for a student as of 2020, but if you have a disabled identity card, you can enter for free accompanied by a companion.

You can also take advantage of the navigation support services offered by the Trabzon Car Rental company to reach the Çal Cave.
As the most established car rental company of Trabzon, Eco Car Rental company, navigation services are provided for all vehicles in the branch offices located at Trabzon Airport and the City Center.
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