Anıtkabir (Ankara)

Anıtkabir (Ankara)
Anitkabir, the eternal resting place of the founder of our republic, our great savior, the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, is located. There are sculptures and reliefs selected from the history of the War of Independence and the Republic, the subjects of Atatürk's life.

Great Leader Ataturk, adopting the Turkish nation's living in a democratic understanding of the state, "Independent and based on national sovereignty and has achieved success by integrating with his nation in the struggle he is waging.''

The establishment of the Republic of Turkey 15. in November 10, 1938, his illness became severe and he closed his eyes to life in Dolmabahçe Palace and Decamped from our side.

During a conversation, in 1923, Atatürk said: "Of course, one day I will die, you will bury me in Çankaya and keep my memory alive." Upon these words, he said, "My people can bury me wherever they want, but Çankaya will be the place where my memory will live., "he added.

Anitkabir is known as an expression of the endless respect and gratitude of the Turkish Nation towards it. It has the position of the most beautiful and meaningful work in the State of the Republic of Turkey.

What does Rasattepe (Anittepe) mean?

M.D XII. there are tombs belonging to the Phrygian civilization, which established a state in Anatolia in the XVII century. The reason why Anittepe is called Rasattepe is because there is an observation station. 

Therefore, it was decided to build Anitkabir, Rasattepe as well. Archaeological excavations are being carried out to remove these burial structures. All these artifacts that have been removed are presented in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

Where is Anitkabir and How to Get There?

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Anitkabir Historical Structure and Features?

Anitkabir, the monumental aspect is outweighed, symmetry is given importance and cut stone materials are used. The architectural decoration features of the Seljuk and Ottoman States are included. The construction took 9 years and had 4 stages and was completed in 1953. Its weight is 150,000 thousand tons. 

Anitkabir is undoubtedly one of the most interesting parts of the Lion road before Atatürk's presence. there are 24 lion statues on the sides of the 262 meter road. The 24 lion statues along the road represent the 24 Oghuz tribes. 

There are stone decorations called passionfruit and rosettes in places of Anitkabir such as Mehmetchik Tower and Museum Directorate. With these characteristics, the Seljuk and Ottoman State stand out in art. It covers an area of about 750,000 thousand square meters. 

The mausoleum is inspired by Atatürk's “Peace at Home, Peace in the World” interview and consists of 2 parts, namely the Peace Park and the Memorial Block.

The Memorial Block consists of three parts ;

The Lion Road
Ceremonial Square
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