Daily and Weekly Car Rental Options in Ankara

Daily and Weekly Car Rental Options in Ankara
Ankara Castle, which has survived from the time of the Hittites to the present day, is located in the district of Altindag, right in the middle of Ankara province.
From the castle, all sides of the city can be observed and it is at a very strategic point. There is no clear information about the first construction of Ankara Castle. Ankara Castle, which is used for military purposes, has been home to many civilizations such as the Ottomans, Seljuks, Hittites, Romans and Galata. In some sources, the M of Ankara Castle.D. 7. it is stated that it was built during the establishment of the city of Ankara on the orders of the Phrygian King Midas in the century. 
Evliya Çelebi (Dec. 1611-1685) lived between the years.) according to their statements, Ankara Castle is a castle made of 4 layers of white stone and has a fairly solid structure. it is surrounded by 3 floors of walls. It was built in two separate structures, the inner and outer castle, and these two structures were a heart-shaped structure surrounding the city. The area around the part called the inner castle is covered with cliffs, and these cliffs make it very difficult to climb and reach the castle. In this section there are various weapons, cannons, about 600 houses and ammunition. The security of the city is also provided by the outer walls called the outer castle, which are surrounded at the foot of the mountain.   
The highest hill of the inner castle is called "Akkale". The inner castle is made of Ankara stone and has two large gates. One of them is the outer gate; the other bears the name of the citadel gate. There is also an inscription on the door. This inscription belongs to the Ilkhanids. In the northwestern part, there is also an inscription indicating that the Seljuks built it. 
Despite the fact that the upper parts were greatly damaged, the inner castle has been able to reach the present day intact. 
It was turned into the Eti Museum in 1921 by the order of Atatürk. Later, this museum was expanded and became the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. since 1948, this part has continued to be used as a warehouse. 
Ankara Castle is a castle that is larger than it looks from the outside. Its height is 110 meters. The outer castle has an average of about 20 towers. The outer castle surrounds the oldest city of Ankara. 
Two or three-storey wooden, adobe or brick houses and structures have been built in Ankara Castle. 
Ankara Castle, which offers a fascinating view on a high hill that dominates the region, hosts many different festivals every year. 
What are the Accommodation Opportunities in Ankara ?
You can choose accommodation places in the region so that you can complete your trip to Ankara, the capital, where you can't get enough of sightseeing with its historical texture and nature, at the end of the day at comfortable, comfortable and advantageous prices. Businesses such as Verda Hotel, Hotel Içkale Ankara, Cadence Design Hotel, Hotel Cinnah will offer you the best accommodation service. 

Where Is Ankara Castle And How To Get There? 
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