Hamsiköy Historical Natural Wonder

Hamsiköy Historical Natural Wonder
at the beginning of the 1900s, the limited and difficult transportation had made the region an important position in trade. Nowadays, transportation has caused it to lose its former importance with the development of technology and industrialization. Nevertheless, it is known that it provides curd cheese, string cheese, cheddar, butter and milk production for the economy of Trabzon and the country.

Where is Hamsiköy and What Does it Mean?

Hamsiköy, which is known to be connected to Maçka district of Trabzon city, has an altitude of 1300m on the slopes of Zigana Mountain. It is 50km away from Trabzon city center and 20km away from Maçka district center. Trabzon Car Rental, which provides chauffeur-driven or driverless transfer service, is preferred for transportation to the region.

The fog formed by light rainfall will make you feel comfortable on the clouds by providing an incredible view. With its name, it has become the subject of curiosity of traveler tourists and has taken its place among the places to visit. Located in the region; Hamsiköy, Dikkaya, Çıralı, Ciharlı and Güzelyayla villages have received this name by collecting them under one name. Its real name is known as "Hamse" village and its meaning in Arabic means 5.

Where Does the Name Hamsiköy Rice Pudding Come From and How Is it Made?

Trabzon Rent a Car services have an important place in the transportation selection of domestic and foreign tourists coming to the village. Most of the guests who come to the village for the first time may think that they will eat anchovies, but when they reach the village, they may be a little surprised to learn that the rice pudding is famous.

XIX. it is said that there were two restaurants named Ahmet Efendi and Osman Konak in this village at the beginning of the century. Osman Konak, who was boiling rice and milk for Ahmet Efendi, who was sick from his stomach, told our elders who had seen those years, and then said to sweeten it with sugar, but he came to the conclusion that something was missing. When he added a pinch of salt as a solution, he made sure that the resulting flavor was appreciated and Hamsiköy rice pudding got its name. The biggest feature is that it is made with delicious milk thanks to the flower flora provided by the region. You should know that it is not possible to achieve the desired taste in a short time, and the cooking time is at least 1 hour.

The Importance and Structure of Hamsiköy

It is known that China and India in the north are one of the important transit points connecting the Silk Road trade with Europe. after the exchanges that started in 1923, the Greek people left Hamsiköy. However, since it is the transit zone of the Silk Road trade, it has enabled migration from the districts of Trabzon and Çaykara.

Caravans coming from the Eastern Anatolia Region used to rest by stopping here. You will see that Hamsiköy, which has authentic village houses, has become a frequented point for tourists planning a vacation. As of the moment you step into the village, you should experience and experience that the people living there are cute, friendly and hospitable. The livelihood of the indigenous people is agriculture and animal husbandry. 

Due to the geographical structure of the region, it is very convenient for mountain bike use and hiking lovers. It is possible to say that the visitors love the village in the green nature. Thanks to the fresh air and plenty of oxygen provided by its wooded areas, Jul has ensured that the village is the preferred sightseeing destination by tourists.
We are waiting for all our holiday lovers in our beautiful village, which is among the places to visit. Eco Car Rental makes your time during your vacation enjoyable and reliable for you with online booking options. You can definitely evaluate Trabzon Car Rental with customer satisfaction at the forefront.
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