Historical Features of Rize - Ikizdere and Anzer Plateau

Historical Features of Rize - Ikizdere and Anzer Plateau
Ikizdere, which was established at the confluence of Çamlik Creek and Cimil Creek, is the largest district of Rize City and takes its name from these streams. Its surface area is 898KM2 and the district lands have a mountainous structure. The mountains are divided by narrow valleys and there are plateaus on their high sides. 

The main stream is Ikizdere. A dam has been established for electricity generation in the district. The mountains are covered with rich forests and there are glacial lakes on their peaks.  The main streams of Ikizdere are Cimil Creek and Anzer Creek.

Although Ikizdere is an old settlement, it remained under the rule of the Byzantine Empire for many years. as a result of the invasion by the Latins in 1204, Alexios Komnenos established an independent state in Trabzon with the help of Georgians. it is known that the region was within the borders of the Trabzon Empire between Dec. 1204 - 1461.

After the Manzikert War of 1071, Rize and its surroundings came under the control of the Seljuk State, and the Trabzon State re-established its dominance here. in 1461, it was included in the Ottoman lands with the capture of Trabzon by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Ikizdere is known as Kuray-ı Sab'a by its old name.

During the Ottoman period, it became a parish with the sanjak center of the city of Rize in 1878.  XIX. Towards the end of the century, the parish connected to the Rize accident in the Lazistan sanjak of the Trabzon province became the center. February March 15, 1916, the region was occupied by the Russians and relieved from the occupation on March 11, 1918. in 1945, it became the center of the parish connected to Güneyince, which became a district, and in 1952, the district center was moved to Ikizdere.

Ikizdere is a tourist center where you can reach the mountain peaks with its historical arch bridges, steeply sloping valleys, green plateaus and coşkun flowing streams.

Rize - Anzer (Ballıköy) Plateau is a Natural Wonder to Visit

It is located 39KM southwest of Ikizdere district. Anzer Plateau has an altitude of 2105M. Anzer Plateau, Aşağı Anzer (Çiçekliköy) and Yukarı Anzer (Ballıköy) were divided into two and declared a tourism center in 1991.

Anzer Plateau is one of the most famous plateaus of the city of Rize. It is located 87KM from the center of Rize. It is one of the areas that best reflects the climate of the Black Sea Region with its lush wooded areas and abundant greenery. The Anzer Plateau is a high place and has different altitudes and clearly shows all the surrounding wooded areas. Anzer Plateau has become a visiting point for domestic and foreign tourists in spring and summer.

It has facilities such as a restaurant, grocery store, bakery, butcher, greengrocer, PTT and country coffee. In addition to its natural beauties, the presence of endemic flowers attracts domestic and foreign tourists to the region as the center of Anzer honey. 

We can list the benefits of Anzer honey as follows ;

It's good for aches and pains.
It heals mouth sores.
It destroys tonsillitis.
It is a miraculous product for internal diseases.
It regulates your immune system.
It prevents intestinal irregularities, inflammation. In this way, it ensures the functioning of your metabolism and prevents constipation.
It strengthens your brain development.
It positively affects your growth and development.
It gives energy, makes you feel good.
It is good for inflammatory diseases such as asthma, cough.
Prevents diseases that will arise from lack of vitamins.
Prevents heart and vascular diseases.
It helps in cancer treatments.
It is beneficial for vascular health.
Prevents getting heart and vascular diseases.
Where is the Rize - Ikizdere Anzer Plateau and How to Get There?
The distance between Trabzon Airport and Anzer Plateau is approximately 135 KM and it takes 1 hour Dec 50 minutes. 

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