History of Torul Castle / Culture Portal

History of Torul Castle / Culture Portal
Torul district, located in the west of Gümüşhane province, has a neighboring position with Trabzon in the north, Giresun in the southwest, Kurtun in the west and Shiran in the south. With its mountainous terrain structure, the height of the district is 950M from the sea and the area of the district is 1049km2.

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M.He. it is known that it was founded in the 1400s. IV. The Genoese, who captured Trabzon during the Crusades, took Torul and built fire towers and castles in most parts of the district to provide communication.

Structure and Characteristics of Torul
It has made a reputation in history with its Torul forests and mines, and is a place of refuge with its very steep and impassable cliffs.

The first people to come to the region were the Chepni Turks, and the district, which was previously called Ardasa, was called Torul due to the fact that the tent of Seljuk Sultan Tuğrul Bey was established in Torul during the northeastern campaign.

Torul was shown as the accident of Trabzon in 1886. after the census results made in 1893 were accepted as the biggest accident of Gümüşhane Sanjak with 36,137 people, the district connected to Gümüşhane was accepted during the Republican Period.

There is a climate transition between the Eastern Black Sea and the Eastern Anatolia Region. Decadal climate transition is observed between the Eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia Regions. In recent years, the climate type of the Black Sea Region has been encountered with the effect of the Torul dam. Animal husbandry is one of the sources of livelihood in the district.

What are the Torul Workshop Workshops?

With the abundance of wooded areas located in the district, local people are prone to handicrafts from the past to the present. A lot of workshop craftsmanship is also observed in the field of handicrafts.

Wood management,
Established churn,
Dinner table,
The Importance and Use of Torul Castle in History
IV. During the Crusade, it was built as the Zegan Fortress by the Genoese who came to Torul from the city of Trabzon. M.He. it is known as Zegan (Zigana) Castle in 1400, as the residence of Cyril Cabasica, duke of Haldia. Amasya Governor Bayezit, Ottoman Sultan II. With Mehmed's edict, he ordered Rakkas Sinan Bey to ‘move towards Toğrul’ and Rakkas Sinan Bey captured the castle in 1479.

The castle was used as a fire tower used for communication, which is in ruins today. The gate, which is located to the east of the castle, is approximately 200 M in height. The walls of the castle are in the color of natural rock and are made of rubble stone.

Torul Castle Viewing Terrace
It is located among the highest glass Decking terraces in Turkey. Torul Cam Viewing Terrace is located in the Torul district of Gümüşhane, on the Karaca Cave route via the Zigana tunnel. Torul Castle has a glass platform that can carry up to 50 people at the same time with a height of 240M made on the summit of a hill with a perimeter of 90M.

It offers the opportunity to watch one of its unique landscapes in the Black Sea. The Viewing Terrace hosts an average of 150 people on weekends and accommodates guests. Local and foreign tourists who come to the Glass Viewing Terrace take a lot of photos and videos.

Where Are the Main Places to Visit Around Torul?

We list the main places you can visit around Torul district of Gümüşhane province for you below.

Torul Buyukcit Village "Monastery of the Virgin Mary" (Panagia Theotokos),
Limni Lake,
Karaca Cave,
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