Make Urban Transportation Easier With Ankara Car Rental

Make Urban Transportation Easier With Ankara Car Rental
Kocatepe Mosque, which you can reach with Ankara Car Rental, is located in Kocatepe district, Çankaya district of Ankara province. 
its construction was started in 1967 and it was completed and opened for worship by the Religious Foundation of Turkey in 1987. 
Kocatepe Mosque is the largest mosque built in Ankara in the period after the Republic.
There was a problem with the first submitted project of Kocatepe Mosque and the project received a lot of criticism. The construction of the Kocatepe Mosque, whose project was decided to be too modern according to the period in which it was located, was abandoned. 
when it came to the year 1981, all the project rights of the Mosque were purchased. after 6 years, the construction of the Mosque was completed in 1987. 
Ottoman period 16. 20 with a century-old aesthetic. the mosque, which was built by blending century-old technology, reminds of Selimiye with its four minarets and Sultan Ahmet Mosque with its center and half dome.
Kocatepe Mosque, which was built by adhering to the architectural style developed by Mimar Sinan, has a total congregation capacity of 24,000 people together with its courtyard. It has been built in classical style according to modern architecture with its side sections such as modern conference hall, parking lot, supermarket, administrative office and gas stations, dispensaries. 
The chandeliers, mihrab, pulpit, doors, marbles and tiles of the mosque are specially designed. Classical Ottoman Architecture is taken as an example in the interior decorations and patterns. Marble, tile, yellow mineral, gold leaf and special paints were used as materials.  Kocatepe Mosque is Decked out among the symbols of the capital Ankara. You can easily reach all the places in Ankara with the Ankara Car Rental company Eco Oto Kiralama, which provides services at Esenboğa Airport.
What are the Places to Eat and Drink in Ankara?
If you want to take a delicious short break on your trip to Ankara, you can make your experience with businesses such as Liva Bakery, Historical Kitchen Restaurant, Trilye Restaurant, Göksu Restaurant, Duveroğlu, Boğaziçi Restaurant.
How to Make Accommodation in Ankara, which You will Reach by Car Kiralama Ankara?
During your historical and nature trips in Ankara, you can reach the accommodation facilities where you can relax and relax comfortably at the end of the day by taking advantage of the accommodation services available in the region. Among them; Hotel Kayra, Hotel Cinnah, Hotel Evren, Dec Hotel Verda, Ismira Hotel Ankara, Ataköşk Hotel, Altınel Ankara Hotel & Convention Center You can comfortably end your day by choosing one of the businesses. 
Where is the Car Rental Ankara and Kocatepe Mosque and How to Get There?
Kocatepe Mosque is located in Çankaya district of Ankara Province. It is 44 km away from Çankaya and Ankara Esenboğa Airport Dec.
You can easily reach your Kocatepe Mosque trip with the Car Rental Ankara and Ankara Avis service, which you will benefit from the Ecocar Ankara Car Rental company located at Ankara Esenboğa Airport and Ankara Tunus Caddesi. 
Ecoc Decar Car and Fleet Rental Company takes its place among the preferred corporate Ankara Car Rental companies due to the fact that it puts customer satisfaction first with its professional team. 
In order to obtain Ankara Car Rental and Ankara Rent A Car services in the most comfortable way with Ecocar, your reservations; our offices, you can perform it on our website or from our customer service, which provides 24/7 service. 
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