Ortamahalle Historical Culture - Trabzon Places to Visit

Ortamahalle Historical Culture - Trabzon Places to Visit
You will feel the historical texture of Trabzon city, Akçaabat district when you come to Ortamahalle. The cobblestone street has come down to the present day with its historical smell, houses belonging to the Ottoman period, steep slope and square. It Dec Tue known that the district, which is located between the settlements, is famous for Akçaabat köfte and horon oyunu.

Thanks to the environment in preserving its charm of the first day, you can see that it bears the traces of different civilizations such as Roman and Byzantine, as well as the Ottoman period. The exhibition of the neighborhood culture in its entirety with the Ortamahalle mansions, Trabzon is the first address for local and foreign tourists and photographers during sightseeing trips.

Most of it was declared an urban protected area in 1988. Ortamahalle hosts tourists who come as the pearl of the Black Sea Region in different aspects. With the environment that attracts attention every day, you can see the mansions that have been restored in accordance with the original in order to revive tourism.
Local dishes are served in the mansions. There are places where food, drinking, accommodation, seating area and souvenirs are sold. 

Timurcular Mansion
Kanoğlu Mansion
Mehmet Efendi Mansion 
These mansions are as above. It is the favorite of Ortamahalle and has been brought to tourism.

Oramahalle Akçaabat - St. Michael Church
Ortamahalle has about 700 years of history as one of the monumental architectural examples of the past cultures in it. St. The Michael Church was built by the Komnenos Dynasty in 1332 as a result of their victory in the war with the Seljuks. 

It was used by the Greeks for a period, it was renovated in 1846 and the church was used as a house. St. Michael Church with its original architecture, the fact that the exterior facade treatments and floor mosaics have a special structure has ensured that it has managed to come up to the present day.

Oramahalle Akçaabat - Master Theater Actor Erol Good Morning
Erol Günaydın, one of the famous and skillful theater actors of Turkey, was born in Akçaabat Ortamahalle in 1933. The theater hall built by Akçaabat Municipality is named after the famous artist Erol Günaydın. Traditionally, Erol Good Morning Theater Days are organized every year.

Ortamahalle Mosque - City Guide | Culture Portal
Ortamahalle Mosque was built in 1806. It has been the center of the area with its courtyard at the entrance of the mosque and its coffee shop on the main side. The minaret of the mosque was added in 1982.

Where and How to Get to Ortamahalle?

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