Pasaoglu Mansion Ethnographic Museum History and Features

Pasaoglu Mansion Ethnographic Museum History and Features
it was built in 1986 by Pasha Hussein Efendi at the corner of the intersection of Taşocak Street and Erkoç Street, Selimiye District, Ordu provincial Center. The wooden material of the mansion was brought from Romania. the construction was carried out on a garden area of 625 square meters. The construction was made by a master from Istanbul. 

Pasha Mansion, 19. It is one of the most beautiful examples of our century civil architecture. It has three floors, including the floor of the mansion. Along with the erasure separating the first and second floors of the mansion, there are pedestal and printed tomorrow columns located on the corner sides of the building. The stone workmanship of the superior eaves windows, which are surrounded by jamb stone with vegetable motifs supporting the consoles, are also visible. 

Stairs, balconies, garden walls, stones and handrails on the roof edges of the exterior facade of the mansion have given movement. The mansion's garden features an original stone January stove and a pool with a fountain. 

Pasha Mansion, the first and second floor floors are made of wood, the ground floor is made of stone flooring. The ceilings are covered with wood, and the wooden ceiling of the sofa on the upper floor is decorated with oil painting patterns. The middle side of the ceiling has diamond-shaped floral motifs, landscapes are painted in medallions on the corner sides, and tile patterns are used in the bathroom on the floor. 

Pasaoglu Mansion Ethnography Museum | Culture Portal

after the Paşaoğlu Mansion was nationalized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Monuments and Museums in 1982, it has been repaired since 1983. in 1987, it was opened to service as 'Paşaoğlu Mansion and Ethnography Museum' by completing its repair and exhibition - arrangement.

The ground floor of the building is used as administration and the first floor is used as Ethnographic works section. In this section, items such as women's and men's clothing, jewelry and weapons are exhibited. On the second floor, sofa, bedroom, guest room, pasha grandmother room and daily room arrangements are made and 19. It exhibits the features of the Century Mansion.

Paşaoğlu Mansion and Ethnography Museum are the first museum of Ordu city. in 2015, 13 thousand 81 locals, 346 foreigners and 14 thousand 147 tourists visited. 600 out of 3 thousand 954 works are exhibited.

Paşaoğlu Mansion Ethnography Museum Visiting Hours?

Summer Period : 08:00 - 17:00
Winter Period : 08:00 - 17:00 
Admission to the Paşaoğlu Mansion Ethnography Museum is free of charge.

Where is the Pasaoglu Mansion Ethnography Museum and How to Get There?

Paşaoğlu Mansion Ethnography Museum in Ordu city Center is one of the places to be seen in our country with Ordu cultural values, relaxing nature and delicious dishes offered by Black Sea cuisine. 

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