The Historical Legend of Ordu - Ünye Castle | Culture Portal

The Historical Legend of Ordu - Ünye Castle | Culture Portal
The 2500-year-old Ünye Castle, built on a hill on the left side of the Niksar highway 7 KM, is at an altitude of 300 M. 5KM southeast of the district, it is waiting for its visitors for its Historical Legend. Ordu Car Rental and Ordu Rent a Car Eco Car Rental company within the sector is located opposite Or - Gi Airport and offers quality service to its customers.

The castle is located within the boundaries of the village. XI-XII. It has also been used as a fortified position for centuries because it is very high compared to the surrounding surface. It has the form of Greek temples and there are doric regularly carved tomb entrances. Ünye Castle has the best rock tombs reflecting the art of the Hellenistic Period with its images and workmanship.

The lion acroterial relief symbolizing power on the top of Ünye Castle has been destroyed. On the corner side, there is an eagle acroterial relief with its wings open. There are 7 triglyphs at the bottom of the pediment and 6 Deciphers between them. The entrance opening is in the style of the front room and it is known that the remains and tombs belonging to the medieval frescoes on the side surface were used for religious purposes. 

Most of the castle consists of rock and there are two tunnels. The construction of Ünye Castle, the King of Pontus of Iranian Origin 2. By M. Mitradates.He. it was built in 250 years. The construction of the entrance gate belongs to the Ottoman State. The walls were strengthened by the Ottomans for the last time and the final form of the castle was given by the Ottoman Empire. 

What are the Features of Ordu - Ünye Castle?

There are royal cemeteries inside the castle.
There are caves and wells in the castle.
The castle road is an asphalt road.
There is one tunnel and a cistern.
The castle gate is at a height of 5M.
Where is Ünye Castle and How to Get There?
Ünye Castle, located in Ünye district of Ordu province of the Black Sea Region, will allow you to explore by spending peaceful hours with both cultural history and nature. 

Ordu Ünye is 90 KM from Or-Gi Airport and takes 1 hour Dec 35 minutes. It is now very easy to rent a car at advantageous prices with the most suitable assurance for your trip to Ünye.

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