What You Need to Know About Ankara Rent a Car Prices and Campaigns

What You Need to Know About Ankara Rent a Car Prices and Campaigns
M of the Phrygian King Gordios.D.the Ancient City of Gordion, which he turned into the capital in the 800s, is located in the Polatlı district of Ankara. 
The abundance of rivers and water was attractive to the Phrygians due to the fact that its surroundings were a land suitable for dry farming and animal husbandry. According to archaeological findings, the Phrygians settled in this region M.D.12. they came as early as the end of the century and as a result of the destruction of the Hittites.
According to the findings obtained during the excavations, the earliest Phrygian settlements have a small village structure containing materials related to daily life and reflect the Phrygian Civilization lifestyle. This small village of houses, M.D.9. during the century, by performing a great transformation, the settlement has become a fortress surrounded by enormous walls. Today, what remains of the city are houses with only the foundations remaining. 
What makes the Ancient City of Gordion even more important is the tumuli it has. The large and small hillocks seen in the Ancient City of Gordion were formed due to tombs called tumuli. There are 128 of these monumental tombs named Tumulus, where nobles and Phrygian Kings were buried, in the region. 
The largest of these tumuli is the tumulus of King Midas, known as donkey-eared, who is believed to instantly turn everything he touches into gold in mythology. Located directly opposite the Gordion Museum, this tumulus is 55 meters high and 300 meters wide. Due to this feature, the King Midas Tumulus is the 2nd in the world. it has the characteristic of being a large tumulus. In addition, the wooden burial chamber of this tumulus, which is made of pine wood supported by thousands of years old juniper logs, also has the distinction of being the only one in the world.
Bones, fibulas, copper and bronze vessels found during excavations in the region and thought to belong to King Midas have been recovered. According to scientists, these findings indicate that there are remains that King Midas ate a last meal in the burial chamber and that the menu consisted of grapes or wine boiled with honey and beer, a spicy variety with red meat and lentils. 
When it comes to the Ancient City of Gordion, the Gordion Museum, which sheds light on the history of Anatolia, is one of the places to visit. 750 Historical artifacts are exhibited in the Gordion Museum. Pottery belonging to the Bronze Age are the oldest works exhibited in the museum. Also at the museum 9. The world's oldest pebble mosaics, which are believed to have been made in a century, are also exhibited. 
The visiting hours of the Ancient City of Gordion are between 10.00 in the morning and 16.30 in the evening in summer. Dec. In winter, visits are made between 08.30 in the morning and 17.00 in the evening. Dec. 
How to Make Accommodation in Ankara ?
 During your historical and nature trips in Ankara, you can reach the accommodation facilities where you can relax and relax comfortably at the end of the day by taking advantage of the accommodation services available in the region. Among them; You can comfortably end your day by choosing one of the J Dec Marriott Hotel Ankara, Sheraton Ankara Hotel & Convention Center, Ankara HiltonSA, Ataköşk Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel and Altınel Ankara Hotel & Convention Center businesses. 
Where is the Ancient City of Gordion located in Ankara and How to Get There ?
The Ancient City of Gordion, which hosts a history of 4 thousand years, is located in Yassihoyuk Village, located on the borders of Polatlı district in Ankara province. It is 94 km away from Ankara center and 29 km away from Polatlı district.
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