People Are Curious About Uzungol

People Are Curious About Uzungol
When we examine the history of Uzungöl, it was known by the Greek name "Saraho" in 1586. When you do research about the region, you will be able to access various information. The majority of the current indigenous people were formed by Muslim dynasties after 1876. It is said that the name of the settlement is referred to as "Sharah".  Uzungöl, which was connected to the district Of between 1923 and 1948, determined the district boundaries as a result of the fact that Çaykara became a district in 1948. Decimated the district boundaries of Uzungöl and Çaykara became a district of Uzungöl between 1923 and 1948. In accordance with Article 6360 of the Law, Uzungol Municipality, which was established in 1969, was closed. 

Geography of Uzungol

It is known as the place where Kaçkar and Soğanlı Mountain Ranges meet and it is very rainy with the excess of vegetation forests. You can eliminate adverse weather conditions with the vehicle fleet services offered by Eco Car Rental company in Trabzon Car Rental area. As a result of the fact that it rains every time during the seasons, you can see that the region remains green all the time. It is possible to see many plant species due to its location.

The animal species around them are wild and can be dangerous. If we say a few of them; Fox, Wild boar, Lynx, Wolf, Brown bear, Coyote and Hooked horned mountain goat etc. are seen as. Thanks to the fact that the region is changeable and rainy, vegetation diversity is encountered. With the important protected status of the region, Special Protection Environment, Nature Park and Natural Protected Areas have been evaluated by creating.

How to Provide Transportation to Uzungöl

Uzungöl, which is at an altitude of 1090m to the sea, is 19km from the district center of Çaykara and 99km from the city center of Trabzon. Quality vehicle fleet services offered by Eco Car Rental company are preferred in Trabzon Rent a Car sector.

Uzungol Tourism Paradise

XXI. we can say that it has made its name mentioned with quite a lot of interest from domestic and foreign tourists during the century. Bird watching and trekking points between the high mountains make an attractive viewing point. Dec. With the increasing number of visitors every year, the contribution it makes to the people of the region is quite high. Thanks to the importance of the district in the tourism sector, it provides a great source of income to the city of Trabzon.

The sight of the forest trees around fascinates those who see. The factor that ensures the closure of the lake in the form of a dam is the overflow of the Haldizen Stream in the valley as a result of a landslide. Nowadays, you can see the demand for the region with the number of tourists it welcomes during the year. In order to ensure the transportation conditions in the modern era, renovation and road works are carried out almost every year. Those who go know that during the months called the tourist season, waiting vehicles form a queue up to 20 km to the district of Çaykara.

Currently, tourists choose the resort next to the Haldizen Creek for accommodation in the private sector. This place is preferred because it consists of cute wooden houses to the eye. The bed capacity of the facility is 52. It is observed that small lakes are formed when climbing the mountains at an altitude of 20 km to Uzungol. You can see that the facility, which is located at a height, is preferred with the richness of its activities and visual illustration options.

Uzungol Structure

The water level of the lake may show changes. In general, it is located at a depth of 15m, a longitude of 1000m and a width of 500m. Trout varieties are observed in the lake. The area around the lake within the residential area has been determined as the topographic center. The positioning of wooden works is scattered on the northwestern meadow slopes. The positioning of concrete structures around the lake is seen quite a lot today. 

With the difference in elevation, it causes residential areas to be built to low altitudes in the northwest. The facilities located around the lake are preferred for daily stays. With the increase in the number of visitors every year, it has brought with it the need for accommodation facilities. As a result of the proliferation of illegal works, the Ministry of Tourism has given the Uzungol Municipality approval for demolition in order to keep the settlement under control. The entrance to Çaykara has been closed with large buildings such as Mosques and Schools. It is observed that the construction continues unabated in the southeast area.

Uzungöl, which has taken its place in the tourism sector, is waiting for visitors. Eco Car Rental offers you the duration of your travel planning with online reservations. You can definitely evaluate Trabzon Car Rental with customer satisfaction at the forefront.

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