Reliability and Quality Criteria in the Ankara Car Rental Sector

Reliability and Quality Criteria in the Ankara Car Rental Sector
With Ankara Car Rental, the use of a seat belt during your trip connects the passenger to life. Although it is a legal obligation today, efforts to raise awareness of the importance of seat belt use by drivers and passengers are continuing. The use of seat belts, which should become a habit without criminal sanctions, is of life-saving importance in traffic accidents.
Traffic Accidents and Their Causes
In traffic accidents where serious damage and loss of life occur, the seat belt protects the person from being thrown away and damaged by the impact. The use of seat belts prevents possible hazards in accidents where the driver and passengers traveling alongside the driver also carry risks. Drivers and passengers who rent a car within the scope of Trabzon Car Rental services are informed about the use of seat belts.
Well-Known Misconceptions About Seat Belt Use
The information that there is no need to use seat belts on short-term trips is completely false. Drivers who are confident about their driving techniques think that they are not likely to have an accident. However, traffic accidents occur for different reasons. The seat belt must also be worn when the vehicle is driving at low speed.
The Benefits of Wearing a Seat Belt During Car Rental Service in Ankara
The use of seat belts basically reduces the concussion caused by a collision.
It prevents a single region from being severely hit by the impact effect.
Prevents the occurrence of hazards due to people jumping out of the vehicle.
It prevents the impact of sensitive areas such as head, chest, spinal cord.
It prevents serious injuries in small accidents.
As a result of the studies conducted, we see that the use of seat belts reduces or eliminates the risk of injury in accidents.
The Use of Seat Belts Against the Risk of Accidents During Car Rental in Ankara
It has been proven that 25% of those who use seat belts in fatal accidents do not suffer any harm. The most basic rule of safe driving is;
The vehicle and the driver are ready for the journey in every sense.
As soon as you get into the car with Ankara Car Rental service, the seat belt should be fastened and checked that it is worn correctly. The application, which has become a habit, should be supported by a car seat for child and baby passengers. Trabzon Car Rental services, which support the use of seat belts on the front and back seats in traffic, saves lives.
As soon as the driver and passengers get into the car, they must wear their seat belts before the engine starts. The driver of the vehicle should not move without checking that the seat belts are fastened. The belt located on the left side of the seat being sat should be connected diagonally from the abdominal cavity to the side, passing through the shoulder.
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