The Ancient City of Teos - Historical Culture

The Ancient City of Teos - Historical Culture
M.He. 6.Traces of commercial relations are seen in the century. The Ancient City dates back to the ancient Egyptian period. The Ancient City of Teos was formed by the indigenous people of Karlar. The Ancient City of Teos has gained importance with its commercial importance due to its geographical location.

The Ancient City of Teos is located in the Nile Delta for commercial purposes. He played a big role in the establishment of the city of Naukratis. The ancient city has gone down in history as a member of the Ionic union. Its marbles, historical artifacts and ruins date back 4000 years.

The Ancient City of Teos, M.He. 3. The century also consists of poets, musicians, theatergoers. The Dionysus Union of Artists was established here. The important philosophers and artists of the ancient age Anakreon, Antimakhos, Epicurus, Hecataios lived.

Teos Ancient City Travel Guide and Places to Visit
The Temple of Dionysus,
The Ancient Port,
Archaic Temple,
Ancient Theater,
Agora (Southeast of the Ancient Theater),
Agora Temple,
Ancient Roads,
Karagöl Antique Marble January,

How are the Visiting Hours of the Ancient City of Teos?

For those who want to visit the Ancient City of Teos, the Ancient City, you can find the visiting hours below.

Summer Period: 08:00 - 19:00 hours,
Winter Period : 08:30 - 17:30 hours,
You can visit the Ancient City of Teos with a museum card holder.

Where is the Ancient City of Teos and How to Get There?

It is located in Seferihisar district of Izmir province, Sığacık neighborhood. Reliable and high-quality services of Izmir Car Rental and Izmir Rent a Car company Papillon Rent a Car company located in the Ancient City of Teos, Adnan Menderes Airport are preferred.

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Teos Ancient City - Seferhisar / Sığacık Where Are the Places to Visit?

Sığacık Castle,
Sığacık Kaleiçi,
Shallow Sunday,
Teos Marina,
Akkum Beach,
Aquarium Beach,
Ilica Bosphorus Mud Bay,
Ruins Bay,
Pastor's Throat,
Stone Island,
Karaköse Ruins,
Cumalı Thermal Springs,
Uliş Village Martyrdom Monument,
Myonnesos Island,
Ancient City of Lebedos,

Teos Ancient City - Seferhisar / Sığacık What are the Local Dishes?

Stuffed Bread,
Lok Lok,
Armola Cheese,
Chickpea Ravioli,
Capricorn Stuffed,
Sweet Tarhana,
Tangerine Dessert,
Plum Juice,
Yuvalaça,How is the Transportation of the A
ncient City of Teos Provided? by visiting the web page, you can ensure that your transportation is easy and convenient.
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